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The collection of the Cat Cabinet offers a wide look at the role of the cat in art and in culture through the centuries. Here you'll find a selection of top pieces from our collection.

Alfred Muller - Chats et fruits
D 0039 Theophile Alexander Steinlen - A La Bodinière
D 0082 Theophile Alexander Steinlen - Le petit Noël de Nanette
D 0087 Theophile Alexander Steinlen - De katten van A La Bodinière
D 0248 Leonor Fini - Château de Vascoeuil
Wolfgang Hülk - Catoscope
D 0137 Leonor Fini - The crowning of the happy cat
Gia Japaridze - Cat for bob
D 0090 Theophile Alexander Steinlen -L'Été : Chat sur le balustrade
S 0002 Jacobien de Rooy - Bello in de gang
D 0081 Theophile Alexander Steinlen -Compagnie Française de chocolats et des thés Russian version
H 0009 Jacques Adnet - Kat
Theophile Alexander Steinlen -Les Chats
Nicolas Tarkhoff - Opgerold katje
P 0057 Pablo Picasso - le Chat