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Cats have been a favorite subject of artists for many decades, and many big names in the art world have produced impressive works on them. Find out more about a few of these painters, including Sal Meijer, Leonor Fini, Théophile Steinlen and Henriette Ronner-Knip.

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Nicholas Tarkhoff (1871-1930)

This impressionist Russian painter was born in Moscow. When he was 24, he began studying under Konstantin Korovin after being rejected from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. When he was 28, he left for Paris to continue his studies. Soon his work was being shown in the gallery of well-known art dealer Ambroise Vollard, who was a patron of many of the leading French impressionists. Tarkhoff's hard work had paid off.

The intense use of color and everyday subjects such as families, landscapes, still life and cities are the hallmarks of Tarkhoff. Unfortunately, in his own country he is still under-appreciated, while in many cities around the world his works are part of diverse exhibitions.

Source: www.kournikovagallery.com


S 0093 Nicolas Tarkhoff -Le chat fait sa toilette
S 0090 Nicolas Tarkhoff -Chat avec les fleurs
S 0092 Nicolas Tarkhoff - Les Deux chats a la fenêtre
Nicolas Tarkhoff - Opgerold katje
Nicolas Tarkhoff -Portet van kat met kind
S 0177 Nicolas Tarkhoff - Le repas des deux chats
S 0092 Nicolas Tarkhoff - Chat sur fauteuil
S 0090 Nicolas Tarkhoff -Chat dans les fleurs